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Anger Management Counseling in Denver Centennial Area at Counseling Connection LLC

Anger Management Counseling in Denver Centennial Area at Counseling Connection LLC Is anger getting in the way of your relationships?  Are you interested in learning to manage your anger?  You can, and I can help you.  Call Louann at 303-721-0005 today! Anger Management Counseling Key Points of Anger:

  • Anger is a normal emotion.
  • Everyone experiences anger of various levels of intensity.
  • It is not wrong to experience anger.
  • Anger is your body’s way of letting you know you have an unmet need, expectation or belief.
  • Sometimes anger covers up feelings of sadness or hurt.
  • Destructive anger expressed as violence or used to intimidate or frighten others is harmful to relationships.
  • Constructive anger expressed in appropriate ways can help you get your needs met.
  • Anger is not inherited, that’s a myth.
  • Yes, you can learn skills to keep from damaging your relationships with anger.
  • Call me, Louann, 303-721-0005.

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