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Healing Grief and Loss, Denver, Centennial, Counseling Connection LLC


Healing Grief and Loss, Denver, Centennial, Counseling Connection LLC


Each morning brings us a new start, a sense that anything can happen on this new day. And sometimes an unwelcome, unexpected and uninvited guest, Loss visits us.

Death of a loved one, divorce, loss of our health, losing our job, or the death of our dreams…every loss, large and small, brings Grief along with it. How we deal with these losses and the accompanying grief has everything to do with the quality of our lives.


We may get recommendations from those around us that hurts, rather than helps our road to recovery. This is unintentional, of course. Lots of myths surround grief and loss. Have you had any of this unhelpful advice about grief?


* Recovery means forgetting about a loved one

* Time heals all wounds     * Loss makes you a loser so hide it at all costs

* Grieve alone                  * Don’t be so emotional, bury your feelings

* Replace the loss             * Be strong for others       * Don’t talk about it

* Get a hold of yourself     * Quit dwelling on the past

* Don’t think about it        *Think happy thoughts      * Just get over it


So what exactly is grief and recovery?

Grief is the normal process of emotions experienced after any loss. It is natural, normal, a process, emotional, unique for each of us, and something from which we can recover.

Recovery is the renewal of hope; once again waking up with a new sense that something special that could happen on this new day. Recovery is regaining control of the parts of life that we can control, feeling better, enjoying fond memories without those old painful feelings, realizing that we may still feel bad sometimes, being able to share feelings, and also realizing that sharing can help others cope with losses.

Recovery is finding new meaning and regaining the desire to live again.

If you would like help with the grief process call Louann at Counseling Connection, 303-721-0005.


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