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Testimonials – Counselling Centennial, CO

Melissa from New Mexico (Louann recently moved to Colorado)

  • Dear Louann, you are a HUGE inspiration to me. Thank you for everything-and I mean everything. I appreciate you inviting me to join this fabulous group. I’ve learned so much about myself and enjoy the supportive atmosphere and people. 

Aimee from Greenwood Village, CO

  • Dear Louann, you have shown me that genuinely loving and dedicated people still exist in this world. I have grown so much from just knowing you and being a part of the group. Thank you for your generosity.

Robin from New Mexico

  • I am so glad that I was a part of your ‘group.’ I have enjoyed getting to know everyone, and love the book and all that I have learned. It has taken me down an enlightening avenue. Thanks again for your help.

Karin from Centennial, CO

  • Dear Louann, Thank you, you’ve helped me so much. I feel happy and like I’m in control of my life once again.

L.P. and J.P. from Lone Tree, CO

  • Yes, we’re in Hawaii having a WONDERFUL TIME! It never would have happened without you. Thanks for everything!

R.K.  from Denver, CO

  • Dear Louann, I came to you because I heard that EMDR helped veterans with PTSD. For a number of sessions I wondered if it was doing me any good. Finally, I had a breakthrough, just like I read about when I researched EMDR on the internet. It worked for me. I will recommend you to my buddies. Thanks for your help.

S.D.  from Parker, CO

  • Dear Louann, going through a divorce has been the most difficult thing I’ve had to face as an adult. But, I survived, and I owe that partly to you. You were the one I could always count on to be there for me. I’ll never forget you.

J.B.  from Englewood, CO

  • Dear Louann, I knew when you answered the phone that you were the counselor for me. It was the kindness in your voice. Thank goodness I followed up with that feeling and started coming to see you. I’ve learned so much about myself and with your help, I faced what I had to face and got my life back together. For the first time, in a long time, I can say that I’m happy with how my life is going. Thanks for EVERYTHING!