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Marriage Counseling/Relationship Therapy


Marriage Counseling It’s a normal process for ups and downs to occur in our long-term relationship.  The key is not to give up on the relationship during down times.  Divorce might seem like the easiest answer but it’s not because you will end up with ups and downs in your next relationship as well. Marriage counseling is by far the healthiest, and less costly option.


A study out of the University of Chicago surveyed couples who rated themselves as unhappy or very unhappy in their marriage. These couples were considering divorce.  Instead they agreed to seek counseling and work on improving their relationship. Five years later 90% of the couples reported themselves as happy or very happy with their relationship. This could be you.

I have helped numerous couples not only regain the intimacy they desire but deepen their relationship.  Whether you feel like you’d just like to get closer to your partner or you are about ready to give up, marriage counseling is definitely worth the effort.  The tools and skills that you will gain are valuable for many of your relationships.

I have training by current experts in the field such as Dr. Sue Johnson in EFT Therapy, I am a Gottman Program Educator, and had Dr.  William Doherty’s training.

Choose to strengthen and deepen your most intimate relationship.  Call me today, Louann, 303-721-0005.