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EMDR Trauma/PTSD Treatment Denver, Centennial, Counseling Connection LLC


EMDR Trauma/PTSD Treatment Denver, Centennial, Counseling Connection LLC

EMDR is a highly researched therapy, considered the very best treatment for traumatic experiences, from very upsetting experiences to trauma that results in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing also known as EMDR involves moving your eyes back and forth, guided by a therapist, as you recall an upsetting or traumatic event.  This allows your brain to reprocess the experience and lower the involved emotions. 

Clients often ask me if it is a type of hypnosis.  EMDR is very different from hypnosis because your brain is in charge.  After the initial event is recalled your brain will take the lead and take you from thought to thought, thereby working to heal itself, and lessening the emotional impact.

Many clients get helpful insights, while participating in this therapy, which also supports their healing.

If you have suffered any kind of traumatic experience this therapy can be very helpful.  Call me, Louann, at 303-721-0005 and let’s get started with the healing process.


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